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Agricultural Landscape of Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire’s Agriculture and Food production

Alasdair Brodie is a Guide in Aberdeenshire with a passion for Agriculture & food.

Alasdair Brodie is a Blue Badge Guide for Scotland with a live long passion for Agriculture, Whisky and Highlands Games.  In this episode of our Visit the North East of Scoltand Podcast, Alasdair talks about how Aberdeenshire was transformed from rough grazing land to a very productive agricultural region producing a variety of high quality food and produce for Scotland and the world.  Alasdair was born on a farm and his family had a campsite on the farm so he has always had fond memories of people visiting Scotland. So much so, that when it was time for him to think about doing something else, Alasdair trained to become a guide.

Alasdair has been a tour guide for Scotland for several years now and offers is own unique spin on tours as well as working with a cooperative group Select Scotland Tours.  A fantastic story teller with a wealth of knowledge, Alasdair is sure to keep his guests entertained during the tour and often makes an effort to show the little hidden gems that the guide books don’t tell you about.  In the episode Alasdair mentions one of his favourite books about farming in the North East of Scotland which is “The cornkister days” by David Kerr Cameron.  In this book the author describes the rural upheavals and developments of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries towards the landscape we recognise today.  David Kerr Cameron has written several books relating to farming in the North East so if  you have a special interest be sure to look for them.

Listen to the podcast “Visit the North East of Scotland” here and find out what Alasdair had to say when we interviewed him about Agriculture and Aberdeenshire.



Highland Games

Alasdair talk about the highland games in our podcast and he is a keen visitor to the Braemar Gathering.  Highland games have been a part of Scotland’s culture for hundreds of years and many towns and villages will have their own games.  The games are a perfect opportunity for people to come together and experience a sense of community, heritage and celebration at each of Scotland’s Highland games.

Every Highland games event has a unique character and traditions, and many are held in simply stunning locations. Make new friends with the locals and other visitors as you enjoy our Scottish hospitality and watch a gripping sporting spectacle of champions, with dancing, music, and more.

 Higland Games Calendar for 2021 will keep you right in terms of finding a games near to where you are visiting.


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Farm Tours in Aberdeenshire

Getting back to nature has been a popular thing to do this year.  People have become more interested in where things come from and how they grow as part of getting more involved in the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’ve imagined yourself escaping to the Scottish Highlands and establishing a little croft with a small farm or you are an animal enthusiast, there are ways you can get a hands on experience.  If  you would like the opportunity to visit a farm and have a farm tour experience there are a variety of options available in Aberdeenshire.  Get up close and personal with highland cows, learn about heritage breeds and get the chance to see lambs and discover what it is like to live on a farm “back in the day”.  Below are some links to several tour options;

 Visit Farming Museums in the Region


Farm Holidays

Want to do more than visit why not visit Go Rural Scotland, here is a listing of wonderful farms and farm stay option through out Scotland.  Visit their Facebook page for lots of videos and virtual visits to farms in Scotland created during the summer.

Here is a video from our friends at Down on the Farm.









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Jacqueline van den Akker

Jacqueline van den Akker

Jacqueline is the owner and lead guide for the business. Together with the team, they create wonderful tours and experiences for visitors working in collaboration with other independent business in Aberdeenshire to show the best of the Northeast of Scotland.

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