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We think it is nice to read what we have been doing at Grampian Escapes & Tours.  We use our blog pages to share information about our adventures while on tour, talk about the tours we offer from Aberdeen and the various activities we are doing.  

We also offer some insights and useful information if you are planning at trip to Aberdeen and are looking for things to do.  There are posts that relate to our podcast too. What you have a podcast?! Yes don’t forget to listen to Visit the North East of Scotland podcast.

Beautiful Scottish Seafood at Meldrum House

Culinary Aberdeenshire

Aberdeen’s culinary prowess Aberdeen is emerging as a foodie destination in Scotland.  Not only is the region a top producer of high quality food &

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Agricultural Landscape of Aberdeenshire

Agriculture & Food and more

Aberdeenshire’s Agriculture and Food production Alasdair Brodie is a Blue Badge Guide for Scotland with a live long passion for Agriculture, Whisky and Highlands Games. 

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Food & Drink Tourism

Food & Drink Tourism

Food & Drink experiences in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire The trend of food and drink tourism is growing and there is demand for getting a real

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